Do Stage Managers Need a Portfolio?

It's funny...I've never needed to have a portfolio before. Sometimes if I bring sample paperwork to an interview, the person I'm talking to is surprised. Then again, most of my interviews are by phone or word of mouth, too.

However, most college stage managers these days are required to have one. Heck, it was even required of my SM friends one year below me. (I was the last to graduate with my Directing/Stage Management degree - after that, it became a concentration within Design/Technology - and I'm old enough to be a parent of a college student these days.) For the last several years, I've been in charge of coordinating USITT's Portfolio Reviews and Interview Materials Prep (PRIMP) for the national conference, too, so I have been thinking about putting something together myself. Check out the Stage Management Portfolio Review Tips we have provided in the past.

Some further ideas are brewing....stay tuned.

Amarillo Opera's La Traviata - Video

This October 2017 production was recorded for the local PBS station (via Panhandle Presents) and is available to view in its entirety on YouTube. I was production stage manager, and in a rare turn of events my husband Mike Wymore joined me for tech and performances as assistant stage manager/prop run crew head.


A couple different versions of my stage management resume are available on the About webpage. If you're perusing this page for ideas how to set up your own, I'd recommend making one long document with all of your credits on it. Edit from this overview document, to tailor a new resume for each job.

Check out my blog

I give several examples of my work and organization in my blog posts, particularly the Opera SM 101 series and those marked with the stage management paperwork tag.

Quote (posted with permission):

I have seen a lot of folk call shows in the last year. Yours....I didn't even notice the cues happening, it was so smooth. - Peggy Samuels, Production Manager/Stage Manager

Digital Call Script

Screenshot of sheet music to Nutcracker with stage management cues typed in the margin
A section of my digital calling script for The Nutcracker, Nevada Ballet Theatre (2017) - click to enlarge this section only in new window or download: Sample Digital Calling Script - Nutcracker Battle into Snow (PDF)

Sample Blocking Key

Sample blocking key used for Inherit the Wind - click to enlarge. Note bottom right sample of use.

Sample Character/Scene Breakdown

Grid format with scenes and songs across the top, actors to the left, and a list of who they play and where they enter by page within the grid
Screenshot of a typical musical theatre Character/Scene Breakdown (Big River, in this case); names have been obscured for the internet - click to enlarge.